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Hand Selected Japanese Koi 

Japanese Koi


Our koi are hand selected and purchased directly from japan. We curate the finest selection of koi from the Nigata region. We have crafted a one of a kind buying experience for our clients at a unique Japanese garden landscape with clear unobstructed views of your next koi. 



At okada koi we Specialize In Making Your Buying Experience As Seamless As Possible. 

See all of our high-quality koi fish for sale and display at our facility in langley. We offer the very best selection of koi in the industry. If you are looking to bring life to your outdoor pond or add to your current koi pond, we are here to help.

Book an appointment today and hand pick your koi from our outdoor pond.

currently for purchase - 1' long koi

Come Visit Our Koi Pond
  • 7-Day Health Guarantee
    We offer a 7-day health guarantee from the date of purchase. If you notice any health issues or concerns within this period, please contact us immediately. We will work with you to assess the situation and provide guidance on any necessary steps. In some cases, we may request photographs or videos to better understand the situation.
  • How many gallons of pond water per Koi fish would you recommend?
    We recommend the following GPK (gallons per Koi) rates based on their size: Small Koi (2" - 8"): 100 - 150 gallons Medium Koi(8" - 14"): 250 - 300 gallons Large Koi(14" - 24"): 400 - 500 gallons Jumbo Koi(24" - 36"): 750 - 900 gallons
  • Why We Recommend Up to Two Weeks of Quarantine
    We advise a quarantine period of up to two weeks for new or potentially sick fish. This precautionary measure safeguards your pond by allowing fish to acclimate, recover from transport stress, and manifest any hidden health issues. Our recommendation reflects our dedication to ensuring the health and harmony of your koi and pond ecosystem.
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