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Japanese Sukashi
Pruning Service

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What is Sukashi?


Sukashi is a traditional Japanese tree/shrub pruning technique to improve air circulation in the canopy. Not only does it beautify the shrubs, but it also prevents damage by pests. With the Sukashi technique, any overgrown or overcrowded branches will be removed as necessary for their maximum health and beauty. By adjusting the density, exposure to sunlight, ventilation, and the structure of the canopy, the plant's overall appearance and health will be enhanced. ​

There are two different types of Sukashi: the first is to prune off a large portion of the plant to reduce its height and the second is to remove unnecessary branches. The Sukashi technique is predominantly used in Bonsai to control the size of plants while maintaining their natural structure. Plants with rapid growth habits need more frequent attention, such as rhododendron, Pine tree, etc

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