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Japanese Sukashi Pruning Service

Let Okada Earthscape

prune your trees and shrubs

What is Sukashi?


Sukashi is a traditional Japanese tree/shrub pruning technique to improve air circulation in the canopy. Not only it beautifies the shrub, but also prevents damages by pests. With Sukashi technique, any overgrown or overcrowded branches will be removed appropriately for their maximum health and beauty. By adjusting the density of their canopy, exposure to sunlight, ventilation and the structure of the plant will be enhanced, just like every child needs proper discipline to be a civilized adult.  There are two different types of Sukashi, the one is to prune off a large portion of plants to reduce its height and the second is to remove unnecessary branches. Sukashi technique is predominantly used in Bonsai to control the size of plant while maintaining its natural structure. The plants with rapid growth habit needs more frequent attention, such as rhododendron, Pine tree etc.


Why should you get Sukashi pruning on your trees and shrubs

  1. Reduces overall cost of maintenance.

  2. Enhances the beauty of shrubs and trees. The branches in canopy resemble to the flow of river or the veins in our body.

  3. Creates natural structure of shrubs and trees. (It adds beautiful contrast between house and plants. Geometric vs Natural)

  4. Increases the value of shrubs and trees as well as the property value.

  5. Prevents the damages caused by pests.

  6. Increases therapeutic value by creating visual dimensional depth.

  7. Promotes structural flexibility, which is very important for trees and become less susceptible to wind damage.

  8. Promotes generational renewal of the branches by visualizing the structure of trees/shrubs in a few years, and selecting branches that has to be pruned off. 

  9. The tree also naturally reduces its root mass in accordance with the pruned off canopy. Therefore it improves the aeration underground and improve fertility of the soil by increasing the rate of bio activity.

  10. Improve production and taste of fruit trees.

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