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Our ShowCase

Brothers Fortune Equestrian  Langley

Our garden exudes peace and elegance. The grounds are designed and maintained by award-winning Japanese landscaper, Okada Earthscape, for a beautiful East Asian cultural aesthetic. Finished with unique water features and a beautiful Koi pond, you will instantly feel yourself at peace. A stunning location for private events and weddings.

Vancouver international airport - YVR - Chester Johnson park

Created with the members of the Vancouver Japanese garden association, revamped garden giving YVR a modern contemporary look at the same time giving the subtle sublime feeling of Japan at your footsteps.

Zen Corridor garden

Small but impactful viewing garden in an unused side of the backyard dead space in the backyard.We imagine three isolated islands in a sea, as the rock waves represent ripples in our lives.

Invictus Gardens

Hobby farm;  infused raised beds laid in with a select premium barkman concrete - middle obelisk both harnesses and grounds energy and acts as a large sundial

Okada Earthscape has designed and built gardens throughout the Lower Mainland in British Columbia, Canada.


 Our projects are as intimate as residential courtyards and as vast as multi-acre commercial buildings. Our clients are those seeking authenticity and world-class quality. Check out some of our work below to see whats possible.

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