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Our company offers,

A team of technicians trained and accredited in horticulture to provide the best service to you, as well we are a hybrid electric/gas geared company where most of the lawn care, shrub & tree care is either done by hand or by electric equipment (dependent on day to day loadout) to lower noise output and to lower emissions.

Uniformed and professional, we are here to alleviate your landscape needs.

We offer in our service at a man hourly rate starting at $65 an hour

Hardsurface Debris Removal 
Landscape Litter Removal ($10 a tarp or provided a green bin) & truck debris removal * Cost varies
Hardscape Weed Control
Pressure Washing
Leaf & Debris Removal
Weed Control
Bark mulch & garden bed soil installation
Tree & shrub fertilization
Other Lawncare services provided in lawn care , Fertilizing,moss control, aeration, turf overseed, micro clover installation, power raking, soil top dressing)

Any type of landscape design & installation; Okada earthscape is also a Japanese landscape design & installation company so any style of contemporary authentic Japanese garden installs.

Shrubs & tree care
Vista Pruning/Sukashi(Japanese pruning) - vista is defined as a “pleasing view, especially one seen through a long, narrow opening.” (Google) As it relates to tree care, vista pruning is essentially the pruning of trees to create a pleasing view, whether through a series of trees or over trees.

Pruning - Using industry best practices as well as using combinations of Heading, reduction, and thinning cut we can service trees up to 16 feet. 

Hedge trimming - Any topiary, screen hedges. Sides and tops of most hedges below 25 ft

We hold: +35 years in business, BCLNA Garden install 1st prize winners, Red seal horticulture technicians & apprentices, Horticulture technician diploma, 5 star Google review, Top 10 safety record according to Worksafe BC(before our company name change). Notable projects - YVR Chester Johnson Park, Nikkei Centre garden, Portland Japanese Garden Pruning, 10+ strata, 100+ Happy homeowners, and more.

Our services can be point and click or on a prescribed service cycle, all you have to do is let us know!~

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