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Professional Landscaping Services

Let Okada Earthscape
landscape and beautify your garden

Professional Landscaping Services

Okada Earthscape can deliver and install gravel, topsoil, compost, beauty bark, mulch, river rock, large stones and much more! We can also install lighting to illuminate your beautiful garden at night!


Installing beauty bark is more than just aesthetics, it also becomes a layer of weed control in your flower beds. Most of our customers also install our black organic compost each year. Applying organic compost adds valuable nutrients to the soil while also being a rich, dark color that allows your plants to stand out even more!


Gravel can be installed for walkways, driveways, and parking strips and we can use our skid steers and track loaders to grade areas, if needed. Cobbles can be used to design a dry riverbed look in your landscape, making it a low cost alternative. Using river rock and native plants this design works well in gardens in greater Vancouver, the look and can be integrated into the natural terrain of the landscape.

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