Beautiful Japanese Gardens: The Best Gardens to Visit for Culture and Relaxation

Japanese gardens are seen everywhere in media whenever Japan is mentioned in most manners. Seeing a garden is one, but to experience and soaking in is another. Here is what we think, you should see on your next visit.

The Gardens of Kyoto

This is the most beautiful and famous Japanese garden in all of Japan. It's also the oldest, a 1,200-year-old masterpiece that dates back to the 7th century. It's in Kyoto city, the former capital of Japan, and a beautiful sight to see. Umeda Riverside Park Umeda Riverside Park is located in a far eastern section of Osaka. It's a great place to see for a variety of reasons: a short walk from Osaka Station, it's close to Sakura-dori Street, and it's beautiful. It's known for the Sakura Yume, a display of cherry blossoms that displays a plethora of colors in the spring. In the summer, guests can go out and enjoy the park and the world's largest Ferris wheel. The Gardens of Seido Sekido may be the coolest garden in Japan.

Katsura Rikyu Garden

Katsura Onsen This is the first location, of two on my list, on the Gion district, close to Nikko. Katsura Rikyu is one of the world’s largest garden complexes. Katsura Onsen is one of Japan’s most beautiful and well known hot spring resorts and also contains a beautiful garden and rest stop. With a constant flowing waterfall, beautiful tree lined path and waterfalls, this area can be the ideal destination. Don’t forget to take a ride on the funicular for the next stop… Gion Gion Tattoo Museum Japanese Tattoos: Japan’s Legacy of the Body Ueno Park Videos on Facebook Ueno is a Japanese park not far from Tokyo’s commercial district and the busy Shibuya Station. The park holds many attractions such as the Tengu statues, a cool spot for camping and night-time strolls.

Motsuji Temple Garden

Located in Kyoto, this garden was established in 857 and is more than 900 years old. It's a must see and experience the Japanese Buddhist temple is this gardens, in their natural state. Although inside this temple you will find a very good collection of stone-carved statues, and a 10-meter long walkway, it's the gardens, that attract most visitors. Kita-Osaka Kirindo Japanese Garden Another notable location is located in the historic and crowded center of Osaka, at the home of Kita-Osaka Kirindo Japanese Garden. To reach the garden, one should take the Osaka Kita-Osaka Station and go through the Museum of Prehistory. Once through the museum, you will then head to the Kita-Osaka Kinyosha Kirindo Gallery Museum, which is not very far.

Kobikicho Park

Kobikicho Park is famous for being a prime spot for doing the laundry. Yes, you read that right, but there is so much more to this park than that. The park has an extensive Japanese garden with a pond, boating boats, and many beautifully cultivated gardens and flower arrangements. The light green hues of the garden really add to the atmosphere of the area and it is one of the best designed Japanese gardens that we have seen in Tokyo. Approaching the park, if you take Tokyo Sky Tree Route, you will notice a stunning view from the third floor of the observatory. Walking around and taking in the incredible gardens and beautiful seascape is a definite experience. If you are lucky, there might be a wedding ceremony going on at the wedding pavilion.

Shugakuin Imperial Villa

There is a very special thing about the Shugakuin Imperial Villa in the heart of Tokyo, and that is the connection between natural beauty and man-made beauty. According to the garden's website, the original name of the gardens were all-natural. But through later generations, the gardens were turned into a botanical garden. As a result, they have come to embody more than the concept of 'natural beauty'. They are filled with flowers, trees, rock formations, water features, etc., to name a few. While the botanical garden is a marvel for those who love gardens and flowers, one of the Japanese gardens in Tokyo would have to be the Shugakuin Imperial Villa. The garden was designed by the Japanese designer and artist Narao Aratake (1753-1837).


Japanese Gardens offer wonderful tranquility and makes you get away from the chaos in your life, think, and enjoy nature. With a mix of colours, shapes, and sizes, these gardens are a creative combination of traditional and modern Tokyo art.

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