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2 Easy Landscaping Mistakes to avoid

Landscape maintenance shouldn't be a rocket science. These two quick tips can help you successfully manage around the garden while saving your plant from a horrible haircut.

Mistake #1 Pruning a tree or shrub in the wrong season

Some homeowners are fast at whipping out the pruning shears whenever their plant material starts popping off branches. Pruning right when spring, however, without doing the right research some homeowners will wonder why their California

lilac didn't bloom this year. The easiest way is to hire the right professional landscape provider to walk through your garden, and tell you what the most appropriate time is.

"Our ISA certified staff pruning a tree at a local nursery"

Mistake #2 Planting plants that will grow into your foundation

When going through with a professional landscape designer, designers create the drawings at 80% the mature size of the plant's materials. Most homeowners when they go shopping for plants, only refer to a few pictures (pinterest) or perhaps inspired by a few local plants in their areas. You may fall in love with that plant at the nursery, but years down the road that love may turn to nuisance as the plant now has outgrown that space. A few easy ways to avoid this is to perhaps choose dwarf varieties of plants. These dwarf plants are a good choice for most circumstances, since you still receive the same plant in a more small dog form.

Today's Blogger, Morihiro Okada, is a Japanese Canadian landscaper, Business owner, and Martial artist. He runs both Nikkei Landscaping LTD. as well as Okada Earthscape Corporation, and has a post-secondary education In horticulture as well as holding an apprenticeship in Landscape technician

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